Let me live my lifecycle
Spring, 2018
Craft Conf, Budapest

A live demo of the interoperability and gotchas of Kotlin and Swift on Android and iOS platforms.

Applying FRP to an MVVM pattern helps us client engineers build features efficiently without compromising quality and mindfulness.
Android Dialogs: guest appearance
Spring, 2018

More functional reactive programming, MVVM, Kotlin and Swift love. Bonus: a brief history of Why Android, and moving on from Kickstarter to join HQ Trivia.

Thanks for having me Huyen!
Swift Talk: guest appearance
Spring, 2017

Look how much fun we are having, using TDD and the MVVM pattern with FP to hook up a signup form in our Swift Playground.

Thanks for having me Chris and Florian!
Anything you can do, I can do better...
Spring, 2017
UIKonf, Berlin

Let's compare some kool Kotlin and Swift features and maybe even use these two languages with functional programming to unify our code bases.

Presented with Brandon Williams at UIKonf held May 15-16 in Berlin.
There and back again...a functional programmer's tale
Spring, 2017
Functional Swift Conference, Brooklyn

How to find Android and iOS harmony by working in both platforms and using functional programming.

Presented at the Functional Swift Conference held April 15 at Kickstarter HQ.
Putting the in Functional Programming
Fall, 2016
Functional Swift Conference, Budapest

Let's make a fun game functional using MVVM and TDD the Kickstarter way! Live code demo.

Presented with with Gina Binetti at the Functional Swift conference held October 1-2 in Budapest.
Fall, 2016
Asbury Agile Conference, NJ

How can laziness help you become a better engineer?

Presented at the Asbury Agile conference held October 7 in Asbury Park.

a nice article
strip it
Fall, 2016
Comedy Hack Day, NYC

Strip all the links from your page using this nifty chrome extension.

Presented at the New York Tech Meetup as a Comedy Hack Day finalist.
Summer, 2014
HackNY Hackation, NYC

Creepy missed connections turned internet poetry.
Summer, 2014
Music Hack Day, NYC

Turn your keyboard into a rapper's soundboard.
Winter, 2014
Southern China

Independent film and animation based documentary project about family history.
Interactive Directory
Spring, 2014
Dartmouth DALI Lab
Hanover, NH

Open source HTML5 updating of previous Flash-based interactive building directory.
Early Warning Project
Fall, 2013
Dartmouth DALI Lab
Hanover, NH

International country-based risk assessment website. Worked on bubblechart display.
Digital Directive
Summer, 2013
Dartmouth DALI Lab
Hanover, NH

Form-based Ruby on Rails website for healthcare startup. Coded layout and design of website.